Early TBS 6" Force Awakens Trooper Variants Arriving At GameStop

My local Texas GameStop Stores are receiving earlier waves of The Black Series 6" Force Awakens figures again. Not sure if this is what Hasbro is sending them now or if the warehouse that supplies my local stores stumbled across some older stock and shipped it to them. In the mix of these figures I found some hard to find variants on The Black Series 6" First Order Stormtrooper & Snowtrooper that I was never able to obtain.

They are:

• #04 First Order Stormtrooper - (DS 60681) - Right Hip Box on Abdomen Armor (Boxes above Belt) has black stripe painted on it.

• #12 First Order Snowtrooper (DS 52371) - Black Neck, Holding Gun, Blaster Rifle has white handle.

I visited 3 stores today and each had about 2-4 of each of these and they were clearanced out for $12.97. I will get some comparison photos up soon.