Kohl's Exclusive Rogue One 3.75-Inch Battle 4-Pack Arriving

Back on 11/3 we first reported that Kohl's Exclusive Rogue One 3.75" Battle 4-Pack was available at Kohls.com and orders are starting to get delivered as we speak.

I believe this is the first time I have ordered from Kohls.com so I wasn't sure if they packed things well or not, but the 3.75" Battle 4-Pack I ordered arrived in a sturdy box with plenty of air pillows.

I know most will pass on this set due to it being just a couple of repainted figures, but if your in need they are still in stock at Kohls.com and also starting to show up in local stores as well. Be sure to look around for coupons to save some money.

If your still in need of this set, they are still available at Kohls.com.