As we first posted in the very early AM today, started to take preorders for their Exclusive TBS 6-Inch Clone Commander Wolffe figure (which now seems to be sold out), and we also stated that local stores may "possibly" start to take preorders today as well.

To see if preorders were available in store, I stopped by my local GameStop this afternoon and they stated stores are currently not taking in store preorders for The Black Series 6-Inch Clone Commander Wolffe figure, only the Black Series Shock Trooper Electronic Helmet. Above is a screenshot of their system as well, showing no preorders for Wolffe.

I also called a couple stores on the East and West Coast just to check other locations and was told the same thing. Now things may change before the release date and stores may start to take preorders, but guess we will have to wait and see.

Anyways per their system our Texas GameStop warehouses are suppose to receive this figure on 7/13/18 and should hit stores that week.