Since the demise of Toys R Us in the USA, people have been emailing me asking whats going to happen to their previously announced Exclusive Black Series 6-Inch Figures?

During the Hasbro Panel at the San Diego Comic-Con today, it was officially revealed that Captain Phasma (Quicksilver Baton) and Zuckuss would become Disney Store Exclusives.

Unfortunately I did not get any update from Hasbro on the fate of the previously announced Toys R Us Exclusive Black Series 6-inch Battle FX Stormtrooper as of yet.

Also just wanted to point out that The Black Series 6-Inch Moloch and Leia Bespin Escape are Target Exclusives.

Disney Store Exclusives:
• Captain Phasma (Quicksilver Baton)
• Zuckuss (Expected in stores 11/1)

Target Exclusives:
• Moloch
• Leia Bespin Escape