Been getting lots of emails and PMs asking whats going on with Target's Exclusive Black Series 6-Inch Gamorrean Guard so here is a break down.

• Online Orders - As we first reported yesterday (7/29) at 1:28AM CDT began to take orders and stated they had this figure in stock and ready to ship, which lasted about 5.5 hours (as of our post) before selling out. Today has sent out emails saying this item is now backordered with a estimated 8/9 - 8/20 delivery date. Previous to this the figure was offered on 7/23 and sold out in 5 - 10 minutes.

• In Store Pickup Orders - also offered in store pickups on 7/29 for those stores that showed stock. The only problem is most stores lists this product as “TE16” (No set location and needs to be transitioned in) and has no location in the stockroom. Reason being Target is resetting their Toy Department (this week) and these are sitting on a pallet somewhere with a bunch of other products in the stockroom and employees cant seem to find them. Since they cant find the product, local stores cancelled the in-store pickup orders and their stock was adjusted to 0, thats why most stores are showing sold out now.

• Finding In Store - Some stores did receive this figure already and have sold them (found them 7/18), while other stores have no idea where the product is in their stockroom because their status is “TE16” (No set location and needs to be transitioned in). The screenshot above shows a store that has received 4 figures on 7/25, had no sales, no locations, and their status shows sold out online. This means if you want to find this in store, you may have to do it the old fashion way and actually drive to your local stores.

Now Targets stores are resetting their Toy Department this week and this should flush out the figures from the stockroom, for those stores that have no idea where they are.

So what if your store actually had these figures and sold out? Target’s Warehouse have been sending more of this product to their stores. (one of my local stores that sold out just received a 2nd shipment).

Just a note, I don’t work for Target, but did talk to my contacts and local store managers and was given the above information. Hope it clears things up.