Just received Amazon's Exclusive 6-Inch Black Series Red Squadron Droid 3-Pack today and thought I would point out that it comes packed in its own factory sealed brown box.

Really glad that current and past Amazon Star Wars Exclusives come packed in these extra white / brown Factory sealed boxes to help ensure that the consumer receives a mint product. Just wish all online retailers followed suit and requested Hasbro to do the same for them.

I know there have been reports of people stating that Amazon has slapped shipping labels on these factory boxes and shipped them. To avoid this make sure when you place your order to mark it as a gift order, so it is placed in a Amazon shipping box.

These have been popping in and out of stock at Amazon for the past week or so now, but when they are in stock there is typically less then 24 available at a time currently. MSRP price is $59.99 each.