Reached out to my Target contact today to find out the status of their 3 upcoming Exclusives and per their system they are currently scheduled to arrive at stores within the next few weeks. Currently there is no "Street Date" in their system, but the set date is 9/30 for all 3.

• TBS 6-Inch Moloch
DPCI: 087-16-0134 - $29.99

• TBS 6-Inch Bespin Leia
DPCI: 087-16-0133 - $19.99

• Solo: 3.75 Imperial Trooper Set
DPCI: 087-16-0135 - $44.99

The screen shots above do show "On the Way" dates of 9/19 and 9/27, but those dates may differ depending on where your local stores fall within the distribution chain, but the set date of 9/30 is the same for all stores.

These also may show up for sale at earlier or later then the provided dates above.

Just a note, all info is current as of today, but is subject to change.