TBS 6-inch General Grievous Confusion? Not Exclusive And Will Be Part Of Black Series XL Line

Just wanted to clear this up since people keep asking me about this. The Black Series 6-Inch General Grievous figure is not a Target Exclusive. He is part of The Black Series "XL" line and will be available at most retailers Spring 2019 with a retail price of $29.99. The Black Series "XL" is not a new Toy Line, just a term they are using for the larger figures. From what I am currently being told, it will have the same packaging look as the other Black Series figures, just in a larger box.

I asked Hasbro for more info on General Grievous and below was the only info they could give at this time.

Hasbro Response:
This figure will not be a Target exclusive. This figure is part of The Black Series line, but will have a bigger box similar to the Gamorrean Guard and Moloch.