Stopped by a couple of my local South Texas Walmarts today and while strolling down the aisles I found a pallet display with newly packaged Star Wars: Galaxy Of Adventures 3.75-Inch figures. As we reported yesterday Disney is launching a new kids series of animated shorts called "Galaxy of Adventures and these are some of the toys to go with this new series. Unfortunately these figures are all repacks. I actually like the packaging though and they all include a mini comic inside the packaging and you can also download a digital copy as well. Price is $9.84 each. 

They had:
• Chewbacca
• Darth Vader
• Luke Skywalker
• R2-D2

Each store had about 30+ figures. They are on a red pallet display that is placed in the center of the aisles in the store.  The ones I found were not in the toy department. One store had them by the electronics and the other down the center aisle in the middle of the store.