Star Wars Resistance 3.75-Inch Card Curling Issue?

For the past few weeks lots of people have been sending in reports of finding the Star Wars Resistance 3.75-Inch figures at their local Walmart and Target stores from Coast to Coast, but they have been stating all the cards have a curl or wave in them instead of being flat. Some are more curled than others.

I have been experiencing the same issue at all the stores in my area as well. At first I thought that maybe the factory cases were damaged / crushed, but today I seen 3 brand new unopened cases at my Walmart that were mint, so I had the employee open them and they all had the curl in the cards as well.

So the issue is happening either during manufacturing or the card stock is just poor quality. I reached out to Hasbro, so we will see if they have a answer or not.

Its possible that this issue has already been addressed by Hasbro, guess we will see as time goes by.

These cards are just curled and not bent, so the issue can probably be fixed by using the weight of some books.