I have yet to received my HASLAB Vintage Collection Jabba’s Sail Barge (shipping label just created today), but people are sending in reports to us stating these were shipped without "Corner Protectors", even though it was stated in the Final HASLAB Insider that it would. When they say "reinforced with corner protectors" most would picture what is shown above or something similar.

HASLAB Insider:
"The finished packages are loaded into a double shipper (two double-faced, heavy-duty cartons that are reinforced with corner protectors) helping the Barge and its final packaging to arrive at their destination undamaged."

So why is this a big deal? Well there are lots of reports of people receiving their orders with crushed / damaged boxes due to the shipping and handling of Fedex. If corner protectors were used, they could have helped in preventing damage to the boxes.

Anyways if your order arrived with some sort of corner protectors, let us know. I will reach out to Hasbro as well, to see if I can get a response on what's going on.