EA has released a update today for Star Wars Battlefront II which now includes a new Infiltrator Reinforcement Class. Characters included in this new Class are ARC Troopers and the BX Commando Droid.

"Like its Enforcer and Aerial counterparts, the Infiltrator class has its own progression and set of Star Cards. Upgrading the Star Cards will improve the characters’ movement and Abilities, such as adding an extra combat roll, shortened cooldown time of Abilities when taking damage, health regeneration when defeating enemies that have been scanned, and more. The Infiltrator class is exclusive to the Clone Wars-era locations, meaning they can be called in when playing the new Clone Wars-era authentic experience Capital Supremacy and on Kashyyyk, Kamino, Theed, and Geonosis in other game modes supporting reinforcements."

Check out the official Battlefront II page for more details.