Lots of people have been asking me if that Retro Collection Sticker just simply peels off, and the answer is no. At least on the sample I have.

DISCLAIMER: Try at your own risk, we are not responsible for any damages. Don't attempt if not comfortable.

So I personally tried to peel off the sticker and it felt like the card stock paper was going to get removed with it, so I stopped. I then used a hair dryer on warm and very slowly started to peel it back and had success. Make sure not to aim hairdryer towards the figure bubble our you will deform it.

Now the only issue is there was a film of adhesive left behind on the card, which I was able to remove with some Qtips, cotton balls and very very very small amount of Goo-Gone. Warning do not let the Goo-Gone sit on the card for more then a second or two or it will start to remove the coloring.

Be patient and don't rush or you may ruin the card.

After that there was no trace of the sticker. Again try at your own risk.