Went to my local Toys R Us today hoping to find the newer waves of the Black Series 6" figures, but unfortunately they just restocked all the pegs with the first Wave of Rogue One figures again (UGH!!!). This assortment also includes the 02: Rey (Jakku) & BB-8.

While flipping through the Rey figures, I noticed that her face looked a bit different then the White and Tan flesh tone variants we reported about a few weeks ago. This one seems more like a transition between these 2 variations. She has whitish flesh and the updated face paint applications. All six of the Rey figures they had were all painted like this and shared the same date stamp of 61751.

• 1st Version (DS 60681): Whitish Flesh Tone On Face

• 2nd Version (DS 61751): Whitish Flesh Tone On Face - Updated Face Paint Applications

• 3rd Version (DS 61871): Tan Flesh Tone On Face

You can view a comparison photo above, or visit the figures page for larger photos.