If you have any interests in the Disney Park's Exclusive Galaxy’s Edge Exclusive The Black Series 6-Inch Figure Sets and you are not at the Parks or don't want to pay scalper prices on eBay,  you can buy them via Disney's Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477, but be aware there is a Concierge service fee which starts at $19.99 per order (not item) plus shipping cost. If you call be sure to specify that all 3 sets are in stock at Disneyland stores and use the items numbers listed below.

• TBS 6-Inch Droid Depot 4-Pack - $69.99 - (Item# 400021145160)

• TBS Smuggler's Run 4-Pack - $69.99 - (Item# 400021145146)

• TBS 6-Inch The First Order 4-Pack - $69.99 - (Item# 400021145153)

This info was given directly to us by our Disney contacts, so if you decide to share our post make sure you list us as the source.

Some readers are reporting that they are being told by Disney's Merchandise Guest Services that they can not sell any Galaxy's Edge products until after June. This was not the case when I placed my order this morning. When I called I just gave the items numbers and asked the operator for the item descriptions to confirm I was ordering the correct items. I am not sure if a memo has gone out since then telling employees not to sell them anymore or not.

I just called to make sure my order has not been cancelled (as of yet) and the lady said its already being processed. So we will see if it ships or gets cancelled.

Getting multiple reports of Merchandise Guest Services operators telling customers that they just recently received an internal memo stating not to sell these anymore until June / July. Not sure if orders placed will get cancelled or not.