Limited Run Games has reached out to us about their Partnetship with Lucasfilm to re-release Retro Star Wars titles on various gaming platforms. Orders will begin Friday, June 28th, 2019 at 10 AM Eastern Time. There is a limited amount of each title, so if your interested be sure to place your orders when they go live. Click on the images above to check out whats included in the Standard and Collector's Editions of the games.

"We're reaching out to you because this Friday, we launch our partnership with Lucasfilm Games to begin re-releasing retro Star Wars titles. We're starting with Star Wars: Bounty Hunter on PS4, Star Wars on NES, and Star Wars on Game Boy."

Standard editions will come in their own unique blister packs, reminiscent of the action figures of our youth. Collector's Editions come in premium rigid boxes and include the game, commemorative coin, and an enamel pin featuring the cartridge. We think it's a pretty cool set for Star Wars fans whether you're aiming to get every game or just a favorite for your shelf.