So if you were on last night waiting for the Star Wars Special Edition Retro Prototype Style 3.75"-Scale Multi-Colored Darth Vader Action Figure to become available to order and blinked you missed it.

I was checking their site probably every 5 mins or so between 2:50am - 3:15am (Eastern Time) and next thing I know it shows "Sold Out'. I thought there is no way it sold out within 5 mins, so maybe it went directly to sold out status (possibly because they didn't have stock yet) but today some of our readers have sent in screen shots (see one example above) showing they were able to order last night at about 3:10am (Eastern Time). I have asked those that sent in screen shots on how long the figures were up for sale and they stated about 1 - 2 minutes.

Hopefully will offer more for sale. Also these figures are suppose to hit local stores as well.

Thanks to those readers that sent in the screen shots and info.