Some of our readers have been asking if there were any changes to The Vintage Collection VC136 Han Solo (Carbonite) Or VC137 Ree-Yees figures that are included with the Walmart Exclusive Jabba's Palace Adventure Set (assuming people are not wanting to open the box up to check). So I opened this set up to check it out.

The figure sculpts are the same as The Black Series #19: Han Solo (with Carbonite Block) and #28: Ree-Yees figures that were previously released. Hasbro did update the paint applications on both figures though. Also a magnet has been added to the Han Solo Carbonite Block that allows you to hang it on the wall in the Jabba's Palace Adventure set. Above is a photo if you want to see the updated Vintage Collection figures.

Now that I have finally opened this set up, I will work on taking some photos in the next few days and get them posted.