Exclusive 2019 D23 Elite Series(?) Diecast Droid Sets

One of my friends attended the 2019 Disney D23 Expo over the weekend and came across some Exclusive Diecast Droid Sets that Disney Was offering. There were 3 sets, Series 01, 02, and 03. These Droids look to be from Disney's Exclusive Elite Series Diecast Line, in special packaging, but "Elite Series" is not printed on these boxes, so I wont know for sure until my sets arrive. The sets were $89.95 each.

Astromech Droid Set Series 01
• G8-R3
• R4-A22
• R4-P44

Astromech Droid Set Series 02
• R4-I9
• R5-M2
• R2-Q5

Astromech Droid Set Series 03
• R5-X3
• R4-X2
• R2-SHP

My friend was able to take a couple photos in all the madness at D23, which can be viewed on our Facebook Page. If these did not sell out at D23, there is a possibility that the leftovers will be put up on ShopDisney.com like they have done with product in the past.

I sent a email out to my Disney contacts to ask if any of these Droids would be offered in different packaging at local Disney Stores and online in the future, so we will see what they have to say. Thanks to Sean for the info, Pics and etc.