Some of our readers over in Germany have notified us stating that while preordering the early release of The Black Series 6-Inch Sith Trooper figure on Amazon (Germany), they noticed that a First Edition White Boxed Black Series 6-Inch Sith Trooper is being shown, instead of the normal Red and Black box. Click on the image above to check it out.

We are not sure if this was suppose to be a surprise for the early September preorders, or if it's just an overseas exclusive, or if this will be in stores on Triple Force Friday, or what.

I have reached out to our Hasbro contacts to see if they can provide some info on this, so hopefully we will hear back soon.

Update: So Hasbro has not giving us an update on this, which means it was suppose to be kept under wraps. Also Amazon (Germany) has taken down the product page. Per The Amazon (Germany) website the release date on this was 10/4, which is Triple Force Friday.

I have a feeling that these First Edition figures (yes there are probably more then just the Sith Trooper) will be released at retailers on Triple Force Friday. If you remember Hasbro did something similar with the release of The Clone Wars figures calling them "First Day of Issue". If we do get any official updates from Hasbro, we will be sure to post it.