As we previously assumed back on October 8th, Hasbro has confirmed with us today that Game Stop's Exclusive The Black Series 6-Inch Purge Stormtrooper figure will indeed be the bundled figure with their Jedi: Fallen Order Game Bundle and this figure will also be available for sale on its own as well. Per Hasbro, this figure will be available on November 15th to those that preordered the game bundle and also for sale on its own.

Also one of our Game Stop contacts believes (not 100%, but pretty confident) they have found the item# for The Black Series 6-Inch Purge Stormtrooper figure.

If you pull this item number 194049 up in their system it has the correct description but with an estimated date of 12/31. I was told when items are given the 12/31 date in their systems, its because they don't have a delivery date locked down or their system has not been updated to the correct estimated date as of yet. Anyways we shall see when 11/15 gets closer.

Currently the stand alone figure can not be preordered.