We reached out to Hasbro to clear up any confusion there is with the newly announced The Vintage Collection 3.75-Inch rereleased figures that were revealed at the Barcelona Manga and Lucca Comic and Games Conventions.

Our Question:
There are a lot of rumors going around about The Vintage Collection 3.75-Inch figures (Han, Luke, C-3PO, Lando, Wicket, Anakin, Obi, Darth Maul) that were revealed at Barcelona and also at Lucca Comic and Games Conventions. Some collector sites are claiming these will be strictly repacks of the old released figures, since the Press Photos you guys sent out were of the old figures. But we assumed that the new prototype pictures were not ready and you just used old stock photos for the announcement. Can you confirm if these will be direct repacks of the the older figures, or if you guys will be updating these figures with "Photo Real" heads and paint applications?

Answer from Hasbro:
TVC figures will be updated with Photoreal Deco and are not straight repacks.

If you have any interests in these you can preorder them from Entertainment Earth by following this link.