So how the Hasbro Star Wars Fan Celebration Day Fan site reveals worked today, is Hasbro assigned 1 new First Look reveal per each participating site. Some First Look Reveals were duplicated on some Fan Sites because there are more Fan Sites than reveals.

Hasbro will probably keep the site reveals exclusive for a day or so then drop the Press Releases and Images afterwards to the rest of us to post.

But here are the other reveals from today:

• TBS 6-Inch The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) - via

• TBS 6-Inch Darth Vader (TESB) - via Jedinews

• TBS 6-Inch Admiral Ackbar - via StarWarsInsider

• TBS 6-Inch Teebo - via

I have not seen any of these go up for Preorder as of yet.