Walmart Exclusive TBS 6-Inch Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) - HD Photos

The Walmart Exclusive The Black Series 6-Inch Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) figure has been added to our HD Photo Gallery today. Hasbro has actually updated the older 2014 The Black Series Luke Skywalker #03 figure to created this newer figure. Luke includes a Cloak, Lightsaber Hilt and Blade, Blaster Pistol, and Figure Stand.

Just a note. Out of the 4 samples I have gone through, the hip joints are super loose, causing him to slump over when trying to stand him up straight. Not sure if it was just my luck, or a manufacturing issue. I had to use some tape to get him to stand straight in our photos.

Enjoy our large, clear, sharp HD Images that you wont find in other Photo Galleries or Archives.

I have been watching The Imagineering Story on Disney+ and it is a great Documentary about how the artist and engineers which are called "Imagineers" have created and built all the Disney Parks and attractions Worldwide. There is a total of 6 Chapters at about a hour each.

In chapter 6 "To Infinity and Beyond", if you fast forward to minute 43, there is a segment on how they came up with and built Galaxy's Edge and its attractions, if you want to check it out. While the entire chapter is about a hour long, the Galaxy's Edge segment is only about 15 minutes.

Was notified by Entertainment Earth, stating that they are taking orders for the The Black Series 6-Inch First Edition White Box Wave 1 cases. These are expected to be in stock soon. Price is $174.99 with free shipping in the USA.

The product page shows Black Box images, but the description says "White Series Packaging. Before making this post, I confirmed with my EE contact that these will be First Edition White Boxes, and they stated yes.

Thought these were limited editions and long gone. Not sure if some were found in a warehouse or what. Anyways if you missed out on these, here is your chance to obtain the entire wave.

Direct Product Link.

Update: Entertainment Earth has updated the Product page and removed the Black Box images and replaced them with the Correct First Edition White boxes, to address any doubts or concerns on which version you may receive. You will receive the First Edition White Boxes if you place a order.

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The Mandalorian Chapter 6 can now be streamed on Disney+.

Description for this chapter is "The Mandalorian joins a crew of mercenaries on a dangerous mission".

Run time for this chapter is about 44 minutes.