Today we had a video chat with Hasbro about their HasLab’s Vintage Collection Jabba’s Sail Barge. Previously we were able to submit 5 questions to the Hasbro Team and we were able to get answers to all of them.

Q1) There has been some discussion between collectors worried on how orders will arrive at doorsteps. Will Hasbro take extra precautions to ensure that Jabba’s Sail Barge will arrive at doorsteps mint in mint box? Possibly special shipping or extra thick cardboard packaging shipped in double or triple boxes? After all we are spending $500 plus tax for this item and we all know how UPS and Fedex handles large boxes.

Answer: As collectors ourselves we are aware of packaging and shipping. The Barge will be pretty much fully assembled inside that White box we previous shown on HasLab. Within that box we are adding extra struts and box structure to protect and hold the barge. This product box will be placed in a shipper box that will be 1/2 to 1-inch double thick cardboard with extra corner protectors. I am sure we will do some testing and ship it across the US to see results before finalizing the shipping boxes. We are definitely spending extra time on this.

Q2) Will there be sound effects or lights? Maybe a few more exclusive small creatures or figures?

Answer: No Electronics. Hasbro wanted to put all focus on the Barge sculpt and fine details that this vehicle deserved. No new exclusive characters or creatures revealed as of this conversation.

Q3) Is the Jabba figure that comes with the barge, unique from the other ones previously released?

Answer: The Jabba figure included will be the same sculpt that was packed with The Black Series Jabba’s Rancor Pit. But we felt it was appropriate to update the paint deco. We are looking into and investigating using our photo-real process (as we do will the 6-Inch Scale figures) making Jabba the first 3.75” figure to use this process, if all goes well.

Q4) Will Hasbro always pick and choose what HasLab’s future projects will be? How about a fans choice vote for future projects? Will projects always be high-dollar products?

Answer: Fan choice votes can sometimes become skewed, so we rather talk directly and listen to the fans to get ideas. What ever we hear the fans want, we would like to do. As for future products nothing is off the table be it crazy obscure characters for $12.99 or large monolithic products like Jabba’s Sail Barge for $500.

Q5) Is the Haslab’s Vintage Collection Jabba’s Sail Barge going to be a 5000 only edition and thats it never to be made again or will Hasbro produce thousands more after and offer it to retailers in the future? If so will there be any difference between the HasLab 5000 Sail Barges and the future retailers version besides the “Behind the Workbench Booklet” and “HasLab sticker” on the box? Possibly difference paint applications , accessories or included figures? The answer will make me decide on buying now or not.

Answer: In the US and Canada this vehicle will NOT be sold at any other retailers. This is a one time deal at HasLab. If we reach the 5000 preorders on April 3rd thats all that will be made. If we get 5001 or 7000 preorders by April 3rd those orders will be filled also. If you have not placed your preorder by April 3rd and the 5000 preorder was met, you have missed your chance to own this vehicle in the US and Canada.

We would like to thank Hasbro's Steve Evans, Joe Ninivaggi, and Mark Boudreaux, along with their PR team for taking the time to sit down with us and answer these questions.