I often get asked if we will see The Last Jedi single carded 3.75-Inch Emperor Palpatine figure here in the USA, but it was decided by Hasbro (currently) not to release him in the USA since he was already offered in Target's Exclusive Return of the Jedi 3-Pack. There was a rumor that a online retailer may pick it up as a Exclusive but nothing has materialized as of yet. Now this figure was released in Canada and other Countries, so you can purchase it, but at a premium from 3rd party sellers online. But be aware there are to different cards, a European card and a North American Card (released in Canada).

Anyways I just finished taking HD Photos of the North American version and have added to our Photo Gallery. This figure is by far one of the best non-superarticulated figures released to date, so I would recommend picking him up in the Target's Return of the Jedi 3-Pack or if your a Completist and want to spend the extra money buy the single card version.

Enjoy our large, clear, sharp HD Images that you wont find in other Photo Galleries or Archives.