Just as I have always done in the past, I headed out for todays Star Wars product launch this early AM and here were my findings at my local Houston Stores. This post is just to let you know what was found this morning and where. Hopefully it will assist you in finding what your looking for.

First off Walmart stores were a bust this morning. I stopped by 3 stores and the only thing to be found were some Force Link 2.0 Starter Sets, 1 case of 3.75-Inch Basic figures (case was crushed) and 2 crushed TBS 6-Inch Dewbacks. I talked to the Toy Managers and they basically said they barely received any product for the launch, but were expecting more on tonight's truck.

Now Target on the the other hand was on the ball. They pretty much had everything that was suppose to hit retail today. Below is what I found.

Black Series 6-Inch:
• Wave 16 (Tarkin)
• Wave 17 (4-Lom)
• Dewback
• Porgs

Black Series Centerpiece:
• Kylo Ren

Black Series Roleplay:
• Darth Vader Electronic Helmet
• Riot Baton

Vintage Collection:
• Wave 1

Basic 3.75-Inch:
• Solo Wave 1 basic figures
• Solo Figure 2-Packs
• Solo Deluxe figure Sets
• Mid-sized Vehicles
• Large Millenium Falcon
• Force Link 2.0 Starter Kit

For some reason there were a lot of crushed Deluxe Figure Sets and Falcons at Target, so I passed on them for now. Also none of the Target Exclusives were at my local stores today.